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Necessary Authority

“…imitation in the proper manner develops freedom; authority, justice; and fraternity or love, economic life.” Steiner, Education as a Social Force, p14 “A feeling for equal rights for other human beings cannot exist in adults if a feeling for authority … Continue reading

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Presents a Problem

It’s a bit topsy-turvy sometimes, this individual study thing. I get a little weak in what I feel are abilities because there is a little bit of a lack of clarity, particularly in how I document my learning. (I’m really … Continue reading

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Inspired by the Vandana Shiva lecture on agriculture

We, as educators, need to move away from this or that particular practice, and focus on the core principals we wish to live through our education. Let us put down our ideological flags, our quotations as artillery, our second-hand worksheets. … Continue reading

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Holding a Contradiction

At the U-Lab many things came to light for me. 1. To open a process with no specific goal can create a detrimental and stifling experience. When a group gets ‘stuck in the process’ and has no clear goal with … Continue reading

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