Physics, Consciousness and Art

Wow, what a week.

So, last weekend, my husband and I went to the ‘SeeColour!’ exhibition opening which we were invited to and it was really amazing. Of course this is to do with seeing so many of James Turrell’s large-scale works in so short a space of time (we had previously seen some of his work at the Wolfsburg exhibition last year); but more importantly for me, the weekend held within it the unplanned gem of speaking with one of the curators and organisers of the Goethe colour exhibit ‘Experience Colour’ at the event.
Mathias Rang is a physicist. He and his colleague are following the Goethe colour theory exhibit around as it travels Europe. It was at the Humbolt University here in Berlin some months ago; unfortunately I found out about it the day after it had finished when it was here. In Sweden, it is currently set on 3 floors of one of the building in Yitter J√§rna and each floor has as its theme one ‘kind’ or aspect of colour. The first pertains to physiological colour, the second to physical colour, the third to chemical colour. This is referencing Goethe’s own way of seeing colour in these three aspects.
The thing that most captured my imagination was that physiological colour – colour created by our eye and brain, or within us – cannot be measured. This reminded me of how when I teach there are aspects of my practise which are simply not measurable; other aspects of course can be measured, but neither my, nor a child’s learning can be holistic unless both those aspects which are measurable, and those which are sensed in other ways are taken into account.
Mathias spoke about, in this sense, how optical physics is a great way of drawing a metaphor for human consciousness development.

And today I had a very brief meeting with Wolfgang Zumdick where I was able to quickly outline what interests me and what I am doing in my study. He has offered to read my thesis-in-progress, which I feel honoured by.

AND, I am going to be doing the NVC training in Bremen at the end of this month thanks to school! The name of the training is very interesting: “A Journey from Praise, Punishment and Rewards towards Unconditional Recognition” – I look forward to seeing what this means to them.

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  1. eva says:

    who is Wolfgang Zumdick? and what is NVC? sounds very philosophical. enjoy!

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