And so there is collaboration

I attended an evening last week about different initiatives which explore new forms of education and collaborative working environments. There were some very exciting projects, but more so this evening was an opportunity to network with people interested in new forms of education; subsequently, I met some interesting people.

My friends from the Youth Initiative Forum ( were also presenting. It is a shame that they did not have a visual element to their presentation and kept to the time rule!

I met a woman who teaches Theory U and is part of the organising team here in Berlin, which is awesome, because I want to help out with the next forum (it is to be held in Berlin next year. There is one happening as I write in the US and some of my study peers are attending). This lady that I met is also going to introduce me to another Theory U trainer who consults for many Waldorf schools in Germany. I would like to interview this person about her work and what patterns she notices in the government of her schools.

Today I also listened to a talk by Susan Hockfield (president of MIT) on the ‘Women in Education’ series on iTunes University. She spoke about how she is addicted to working in collaborative groups and how the generation I am part of gives her great hope for the future because of our inherent ability to work in this inspiring way. It was a lovely talk and I recommend you have a listen if you get the chance.

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