Questions for leaders

So this morning I was thinking that I would like to continue interviewing leaders at schools to find out more about organisational management.

I thought of the burning questions I have, and although these might not be the ones that I ask straight out, they are the ones I am building towards.

Questions such as:

– How does philosophy directly impact the organisational structure of a school?

– What is the most valuable professional experience a teacher can have?

– What is the most powerful act a teacher can regularly perform?

I’ll add more if more come :)

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2 Responses to Questions for leaders

  1. Gosia Winter says:

    Hey thanks Jordan. I had heard about this general assembly and think it certainly has something to give in terms of organising community gatherings within schools.

  2. Jordan says:

    Really interesting. Effective organizational management has been a big topic over the past few weeks of visiting Occupy WallStreet in NY. They are really struggling with the ideal of equality and a completely horizontal structure with the question of being effective and not absurdly bureaucratic. Here is the structure that they are using called the New York General Assembly:

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