Science taught through aesthetic pedagogical methods.

I’ve been on quite a voracious hunt for literature of late – I’ve printed out two ‘handbooks’ for aesthetic education, and a handbook called ‘The Art of Administration’ and am chewing through these with some speed.

I’ve especially been enjoying the work of Mark Girod – who writes about teaching science through aesthetic experience and aesthetic educative methods. His research is very heartening and inspiring (His work can be found easily online).

He makes such a strong case for that which I know must have weight and truth – that orchestrating aesthetic education in a class deepens and enriches the learning of the student in real and meaningful ways, imbuing individuals with a love of learning. He and his collaborators present many studies to support this.

I have also been writing the reflective paper for Unit 1, which has now come to an end. I wish to pursue the same subject in a more focussed manner in Unit 1a (I may change this name). I will also be changing my mentor to reflect this change; more on that later :)

I will attach the reflective paper to the unit, but I need to figure a system for archived units. All in the process.

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