New Questions for New Unit

I have restructured the units of my study and now the website mirrors this change. I have ‘closed’ units 1 and 2, both of which are now more specific in units 1a and 2a. I’m feeling really positive about this change and I thank Jordan and Horst for their mentorship – I am now looking for mentors for these two new units. If you can recommend anyone, let me know (also if you can recommend any peers).

This morning I thought of 5 further questions I could begin to work with in the school interviews. These interviews will be a big part of unit 1a.

Today’s questions:
– How would you call the kind of management structure you have at your school?
– Tell me about it in detail.
– What are its greatest influences?
– Do you use any references? (books, people, papers…)
– What are the most crucial elements needed for this structure to function?

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