Unit 1

Status: Complete
This unit culminated in the following assignment:
Reflective Summary of Study

Jordan Walker’s mentor review:
Mentor’s review of student’s work

Sustainable Management Theory: emerging ideas for complexity
Through this unit the student learns about existing ‘cutting edge’ models, theories and practices in organisational management. It is also important that the student gains an understanding of the context and history of these different models, theories and practices and this forms a minor part of the unit.

Mentor: Jordan Walker

As part of this unit the student:
– meets with leading people in this field through intensives and online programs
– researches other key theories and methods


Readings (Texts completed marked with red point):
¤ Executive Summary of Theory U, Otto Scharmer
¤ Theory U, Otto Scharmer
¤ Shaping Globalization: Civil Society, Cultural Power, and Threefolding, Nicanor Perlas
¤ Notes and writing from Jane Lorand’s January 2010 YIP Study Week
¤Basic Issues of the Social Question, Rudolf Steiner

Schedule for classes and meetings:
¤ Global Classroom with Otto Scharmer: 16th/23rd/30th September, 7th/14th October (Online) 2010
¤ Civil Society with Nicanor Perlas: 12th – 17th October (Sweden) 2010
¤ U-Lab: 28th January – 3rd February (Switzerland) 2011


¤ www.dialogonleadership.org/
¤ www.presencing.com
¤ www.volresource.org.uk

¤ Daniel Pink (RSA Animate) The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
¤ Nicanor Perlas (YIP) Integral Consciousness