Welcome to a website designed to document my self-created study.

This study is conducted independently (without a university or equivalent institution).
The course of study is set and completed by myself and is assessed and facilitated by a group of peers and mentors.

About Me:
photo by Dana EngferMy name is Gosia Winter. I am a Polish-born Australian living between Berlin, Germany and Perth, Australia with my husband and baby daughter.

Among other things, I have worked as a musician, a teacher and an organiser of events. I am dedicated to living a life which is inspiring and useful.

In the last few years my attention has been drawn towards a number of topics and issues centred around healthy social interaction, social art and organised communities. I get very passionate during conversations about education and economics, mathematics and music (as well as many others) and when I was faced with the will to study again, I found it impossible to find a course which would fit both my passions and my lifestyle, so I created my own. I organised and worked on this self-directed study project before giving birth to my daughter in November 2012 and after a year of being full time mummy, I began to feel the itch to get back to it (thus the hole in posts during that time).

I hope you find time to read, view and comment on my work here.
If you have ideas about topics, readings, people, organisations or anything which you think might help me with my study – let me know.

Please feel free to contact me and have a chat about the things that make you shine!

Warm Regards,
Gosia Winter