Peer and Mentor Interaction

Peer and Mentor Tutorials, Meetings and Feedback Time
“Specific talent can be truly recognized and properly nurtured only by someone endowed with the same abilities. Emerging talent can be properly channeled only if a knowing guide acts from experience gained precisely in that realm of life into which he is to show the way. The proper nurture of a socially sound community requires individuals who, through their own experience, have acquired intimate knowledge of the various branches of life, and who have cultivated within themselves the ability to explain their experience to those who need to know. ” – R. Steiner
Regular and planned as well as serendipitous meetings, tutorials and feedback time is a crucial part of this study.
Mentors will meet either online or in person with the student monthly.

The Role of the Mentor/s
– To provide warm and critical feedback to the student on her topic/unit (to be a mirror of truth)
– To meet with the student as outlined above
– To suggest new texts, ideas and avenues related to the study
– To be genuinely passionate about the unit topic, though not necessarily an expert, to be knowledgeable enough
– To make clear their requests allowing the student to show their appreciation in some way.Peers will meet together at scheduled times such as meetings in Berlin and internationally.

Peers will also meet informally and at other organised times online during the study period to support and engage with each other.

The Role of the Peer/s
– To make themselves available when possible for moral support
– To encourage, love as peer and share passion
– To commit to the group’s overall process of support and communication (even if unable to join activities)
– To be actively striving alongside the other
– To share the fruit of their labour in trust, confidence (confidentiality) and freedom, with joy

A focus on finding those people who share common goals – forming strategic partnerships to enact greatest potential.

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