Unit 2a

Aesthetic Education in Context: schooling as social sculpture

In this unit, the student journeys deeply into the research on aesthetic education, not only looking at the theory about and definition of the term, but also the practical application of the philosophy of aesthetic education in contemporary contexts.

Building on the understanding gained in ‘Unit 2‘, the student works to use a now broader understanding of philosophy and aesthetic education to gain specific tools and for practical application to a classroom context.

Continued reflection in the student’s online journal as well as assignments agreed upon by the student and her mentor are part of the work of this unit. A reflective paper begun in 2010 will be continually added to and edited during this unit.

This unit is expected to proceed from December 2011 until June 2012.


Readings (books): (Texts completed marked with red point)
– Education as a Social Force, Steiner
– Art as Experience, John Dewey (second reading)
– Education Through Art, Herbert Read

Readings (Journals):
– The Journal of Aesthetic Education
– Journal of Philosophy of Education
RoSE – Research on Steiner Education

Research and Papers by: (many more shall be added)
– Mark Girod: science and aesthetic education
– Peter Abbs

– Freedom of Thought in Education: Is Good Education Conformity to a Standard?, Gutenberg College, available on iTunes University

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