Action and Theory in Context

In this unit the student learns about the basic principals of qualitative and quantitative research.
She also documents community and organisational actions that are directly informed by her study.

As part of this unit the student:
– Listens to or watches lecture series on this topic
– Reads given literature
– Includes reviews and commentary about what is learnt on the journal pages

It is not intended that the student have a mentor for this unit as it is not currently seen as necessary. The purpose of this part of the student’s study is to support and contextualise and utilise other learning.

Readings and Lectures:
– Understanding Educational Research and Assessment, Dr. Lucinda Spaulding, Liberty University
– Qualitative Methods of Research, Dr. Jill Jones, Liberty University
¤ (also part of Unit 1a) Silence is Complicity, Torin M. Finser

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