History in Context

In this unit the student reads, listens and watches various media that help to contextualise the historical background to ideas explored in the two main units. Of particular interest are ancient Greece, Rome, the middle ages and the renaissance.

As part of this unit the student:
– Listens to or watches lecture series on this topic
– Reads given literature
– May include reviews and commentary about what is learnt on the journal pages

It is not intended that the student have a mentor for this unit as it is not currently seen as necessary. The purpose of this part of the student’s study is to support and contextualise other learning.

Readings and Lectures:
¤ Introduction to Ancient Greek History, Donald Kagan, Yale University
– The History of Rome, podcast
– The Birth of the Modern: Europe and its Others, Arizona State University
– European Civilisation, 1648-1945, John Merriman, Yale University

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